Fynder Its Swampy

Am Ch, Sh Ch Castlehill's

Quantum Leap for Fynder SHCM

Am Ch Taoide's Honky-Tonk Man MX, MXJ

Am Ch Madcap's Blast from the Past

Am Ch Ballyhoo's Current Attraction MX, MXJ

Am Ch Castlehill's Madcap Craythorne

Am Ch Castlehill's Fynder's Keepers Am/Can CD

BISS, Am Ch Madcap's Brilliant Virtue CD

Fynder Watersprite

Killountain Trader

Rufus of Maghull

F.T.A.W. Maria of Lisnabrogue

Phasian Sepia Spinner

Sh Ch Cùboglach Hedge Brown

Fynder Skeepers

Nl Ch
Realta's Double Star

Eire's Murphee Mullownee MH QAA

Am Ch Eire's James Bond Ernesthill

Am Ch Castlehill's Artemon Artie

Am Ch Poole's Ide Wilnbris Hi Hope CD, JH, WC, CGC, TDI

Am.Ch. Realta's Revolution at Eire

Wh-Stop's Saracens'Highlander MH

Am Ch Madcap Rising Star Stella CDX, MH, CGC, WCX

Am Ch Realta's Supernova

Am Ch Ballyhoo's Cairbre O'Wyndsong CD, JH, WC, U-ST, CGC

Am Ch Lisnabrogue Fane

Am Ch Ballyhoo's A'Faugh A Ballagh

Am Ch Madcap Rising Star Stella CDX, MH, CGC, WCX

BDA Ch, Pr Ch, Fin UCh, Int UCh, Mex Ch, Am Ch, Can Ch

Co-R's Galway Bay O'Blu Max CD, JH, WC

Am Ch Madcap Rowanberry CD, FdM