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Litter 2014
Litter 2014

Litter 2014
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"Game" plants litter

Date of birth:     10 July 2014

Studdog:             Fynder It's Swampy (UK) X Broodbitch: Dutch Champion, Realta's Double Star

Fynder Its Swampy Am Ch, Sh Ch Castlehill's Quantum Leap for Fynder Am Ch Taoide's Honky-Tonk Man MX, MXJ
Am Ch Castlehill's Madcap Craythorne
Fynder Watersprite

Killountain Trader
Phasian Sepia Spinner
Nl Ch
Realta's Double Star

Eire's Murphee Mullownee MH QAA Am Ch Eire's James Bond Ernesthill  CD, JH, CGC
Am.Ch. Realta's Revolution at Eire
Am Ch Realta's Supernova CD, RN, MH, WCX, QAA Am Ch Ballyhoo's Cairbre O'Wyndsong CD, JH, WC, U-ST, CGC
Am Ch Madcap Rising Star Stella CDX, MH, CGC, WCX

Bognaneilean Foxglove © A. Mets Bognaneilean Foxglove Bognaneilean Bird in a Bush Bognaneilean Bird in a Bush © A. Mets
Bognaneilean Cockspur © A. Mets Bognaneilean Cockspur Bognaneilean Fox and Cubs Bognaneilean Fox and Cubs © A. Mets
Bognaneilean Duckweed © A. Mets Bognaneilean Duckweed Bognaneilean Gooseberry Bognaneilean Gooseberry © A. Mets
Bognaneilean Haresfoot Clover © A. Mets Bognaneilean Haresfoot Clover Bognaneilean Pheasant's-Eye Bognaneilean Pheasant's-Eye © A. Mets

11 2014
1 day 

© A. Mets

© A. Mets © A. Mets

July 26 2014
Visit of grandchild Teuntje with great-grandmother

© A. Mets © A. Mets

Augustus 9 2014
First time outside

© A. Mets  © A. Mets  © A. Mets


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